China Arbitration Week. CIETAC Hong Kong’s Day of Arbitration Field Practice. Beijing

A debate on the rules of the taking of evidence: Prague Rules vs IBA Rules. Is it time for a change?

Time: 13:00 -17:45

Date: 16 September 2018

Venue: Beijing Hotel, No.33 East Chang An Avenue, block A, Dongcheng, Beijing, China

Event is to be followed by Welcome Reception of China Arbitration Week 2018 and the Tang Lecture

What to Expect:

·         A panel of speakers on practical and thorny issues of arbitration such as enforcement;

·         A debate on the Prague Rules v IBA rules on taking evidence - a time for a change?;

·         A demo of Third Party Funding scenario;

·         A mock arbitration hearing;

·         And many more…

Moderated by Professor Lu Song (tbc)
Speaker: Duarte G. Henriques

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More information about  the event is here. 

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