The CIArb (Singapore Branch) Competition 2018

09.10.2018 The Prague Rules have been already chosen by CIArb as a part of the problem for The CIArb (Singapore Branch) Competition for 2018!

The CIArb (Singapore Branch) Competition for 2018 concerns a culture clash between common and civil law procedures and the different approaches to taking evidence in international arbitration in the two legal systems.

What procedural directions should a tribunal make when parties from civil and common law jurisdictions contend for the adoption of either the IBA Rules or the Prague Rules?

Competitors must submit:
(1) a draft procedural order for discussion with your co-arbitrators; and
(2) an explanatory note that sets out the reasoning for making your order.

Full details of the competition can be found in the competition pack which can be downloaded by the link.
Please contact if you have any difficulties accessing the document.

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