The Prague Rules in Madrid


The Spanish Club of Arbitration held the event on the Prague Rules on 11 January 2019 in Palacio de Santoña in Madrid.

Antonio Sanchez-Pedreno Kennaird, the President of the Madrid Arbitration Court, gave a welcome speech and made some opening remarks.

The discussion was moderated by Francisco G. Prol, Partner, Prol y Asociados. During the session, Alexandre Khrapoutski, Vice Chairman of the Russian Arbitration Association explained the drafting history of the Prague Rules and the main ideas behind them. Marc Henry, the President of the French Arbitration Association discussed some of the substantive provisions of the Prague Rules.

The presentations followed by a debate moderated by the Seguimundo Navarro, the Secretary General of the CEA. Gonzalo Stampa, Partner, Stampa Abogados, Duarte Gorjao Heriques, Partner, BCH Lawyers, and Alexandre Khrapoutski, Vice Chairman of the RAA had a debate on the relevant provisions of the Prague Rules.

A wide range of topics was discussed - starting with a proactive role of the arbitral tribunal, fair and equal treatment, obligations of the parties to prove their case? jura novit curia, preliminary views of the tribunal and amicable settlement.

Over 60 arbitration practitioners and experts gather at the event.

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